jsut's scripts

Update: jsutwaypoints v0.2.1 (26 apr 2002)

This update makes changes so that the gui works right in Classic, adds a keybind for Clearing Waypoints and that's about it i think.
get it here: /jsutwaypoints/jsutwaypoints.vl2

eurowaypoints (10 jul 2002)

So, a while ago Pretend asked me if i could cook up a european waypoint script. I did it up and gave him a copy like a month or more ago, then totally forgot about that whole public release thing. So, finally, here's the script i gave him for everyone else. It's apparently tourney legal for theladder.org play.

get it here: /eurowaypoints/eurowaypoints.vl2

Release: fastfreelook v0.0.1 (16 nov 2001)

fastfreelook creates a keybind that will toggle you into third person (if needed) and turn on freelook while the key that you have bound to it is pressed. when you release the key, it returns you to first person if you were there initially otherwise it leaves you in third.
get it here: /fastfreelook/fastfreelook.vl2

Release: hidechainret v0.0.2 (19 oct 2001)

hidechainret hides the chaingun reticle after you start to fire so it's easier to see the tracers. Requires Writer's support.vl2
get it here: /hidechainret/hidechainret.vl2

Update: jsutirc v0.0.7 (28 oct 2001)

update to my irc script, check the changelog. The quick summary is this: cosmetic changes, so people playing at 640x480 can see all the options, made auto opping an option.
get the vl2 here: /jsutirc/jsutirc.vl2

Update: playerwaypoint v0.0.3 (27 oct 2001)

added a dorky popup like buddypoints. added the ability to rename with !renamewp, in addition to !renamepwp, but i think people will be renaming less now.
get it here: /playerwaypoint/playerwaypoint.vl2

Update: jsutffg v0.0.3 (22 oct 2001)

This update fixes the problems that were introduced in v0.0.2, and makes it work in duelmod.
get the vl2 here: /jsutffg/jsutffg.vl2

News: general stuff (6 oct 2001)

Some night this week i was chatting with people in one of the scripting channels on irc.dynamix.com and the idea of modifying the t2 irc client to allow people to use it to connect to normal irc servers came up. I looked into it briefly then, and it seemed pretty possible so i said i'd follow up. I've spent some time on it today, and it is definately possible, but would require heavy modification of the built in client. I may continue with the project just cause it's kind of interesting to me, if somewhat useless. The biggest issues that surround it are the fact that the browser for sure, and possible the forums and news as well work through the irc connection to the normal t2 irc servers. So i can't just replace that connection with a connection to another server (because it would break half the in-game community). Anyway, if people think that they might use this, it'd give me more incentive to work on it. email me and tell me what you think. jsut@tribes2.org

Release: teamtimer v0.0.1 (21 sept 2001)

teamtimer lets you start a timer on your machine as well as anyone that is using the script on your teams machine. It's kind of useful for practicing complicated stuff.
get it here: /teamtimer/teamtimer.vl2

Update: jsutwaypoints v0.0.2 (2 sept 2001)

This minor update has !clear (to clear waypoints) and fixes a dumb error that was messing with the objectiveHUD. It was actually rolled into v0.0.1 before, but whatever.
get it here: /jsutwaypoints/jsutwaypoints.vl2

New llamarific layout (31 aug 2001)

So, like i made a table and stuff, and used added some colour. I made this dumb page too. If you were direct linking to files, your links are most likely broken now. I'll be trying to contact people to tell them to update in the near future.

Release: quickbuyfix v0.0.1 (31 aug 2001)

quickbuyfix.vl2 "fixes" the binds at the vehical stations so that the same keys always buy the same things. I don't know about you, but i get pretty annoyed when i buy bombers by mistake on archipelago. This script makes it so they keys to buy stuff don't change based on what's available.
get it here: /quickbuyfix/quickbuyfix.vl2